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“The Code” A Religious Odyssey
By Father Patrick Magee, F.L.H.F.
Gen 5:24 “Enoch walked with God and then was seen no more”

It Begins

The death of his beloved wife Kaleen tore at his heart as he recalled the love and friendship they shared, their faith, their hopes. They never could have children. With his memories he sought the solitude of the road. Colonel Lucas Brown turned onto Ocean View Avenue. Accelerating he hugged the road heading south. At 2 AM he was alone on the cold clear autumn night. He loved the grip of the leather wheel of his BMW Roadster convertible – roof down. The rush of cold air and the view of the brilliant stars always helped him to get life into perspective. It had been a heavy day for Central intelligence. The threat of stolen nuclear arsenal was real. General Brad Higgins made infiltration into the rebels a top priority.  To a casual observer looking up into the night sky it was simply an ordinary autumn night. As he was driving, Lucas became aware of lights in the sky drawing his attention to his left and he glanced in its direction.
Far above Lucas a visitor had been gazing down below onto the surface of this planet and for him nothing was ordinary about this moment. Standing on what appeared to be a transparent platform one hundred miles high, Jakasa with his small transporter craft next to him, was resting on a stream of particulates. Tiny “points of existence” were alternating between mass and energy at quantum speeds creating a form of dark energy that could expand the universe at increasing speeds or if harnessed create wonders. The platform was part of an immense city in space designed for exploration to the far reaches of the universe. The discovery of quantum particulation had opened the universe to new potentials for travel. Now they had been sent here to this world to intervene for a civilization in great peril.  The energy field from the mother craft was concealing their presence from the people and radar below - that was about to change.
Preparation for free fall through the planet’s atmosphere was finishing. Ruthania stood at the controls looking at Jakasa waiting for the signal to execute the drop. Her mind was directly linked with the Mother Craft as she prepared for his insertion into the thermosphere. She saw Jakasa swing himself onto the small shuttle craft of extraordinary design and sophistication. Outwardly one might mistake the shuttle for the vehicles that this civilization used to travel on the hills of snow or the waterways. For the Visitors it had the power to levitate the rider in the direction of their thoughts.  For Ruthania it would be the machine for an amazing encounter, one that had been long prepared for.
Jakasa collected his thoughts as the fellow team members turned towards him waiting for his signal. Through the transparent floor he could see the curvature of this immense planet, its ocean and coast lands. Keeping his gaze on his destination point he knew that a clear night was required for his purpose. He paused praying briefly and then covered himself with his mantle while securing himself in the harness – he gave the nod.

Immediately the energy shield surrounding the star craft blinked. Downward Jakasa plunged. The view was immense in the night sky with the shield surrounding the small craft protecting him inside. With deliberate intent the team allowed a brief detection of the Mother Craft by radars at military command centers.  Ground radar painted their crafts with its beam registering a signature flash on their instruments.  The radars and satellite imaging flared a warning signal to the Military Command Center as it jumped to level red security alert – but the anomaly was irregular. A vast object was detected and then gone. A small object was seen falling down as if dropped then it too disappeared from the radar sensors. Even the crafts heat signatures were deflected by the visitor’s shields. Following protocol the radar staff at Command Center immediately notified the General.
Acceleration unhindered by the rarified atmosphere sent Jakasa hurtling towards the ground. The thrill of the fall was exhilarating. He leaned to the right and gazed at the ground rushing up into his vision. As the descent continued he eventually began hearing the faint noises rising up to him from the cities below, slowly increasing in volume and clarity. The energy shield of the shuttle craft began fluctuating in its shape slowing down Jakasa’ speed. There were no heat flares typical of fast descent through the atmosphere.   
Above, Ruthania was still standing at the control center. She now was in command of the immense space craft. She thought of the upcoming encounters they would be a part of with these people and prayed quietly for success. The science of the Visitors were advanced in every way. They became proficient at galactic travel enabling them to explore the worlds the Creator made. Space time continuum was circumvented. The effect of traveling at light speed would no longer require a space traveler to say goodbye to one’s family. Light speed travel itself became archaic. Communication between individuals advanced. They mastered the signals of the brain enabling verbal thoughts to be perceived in the mind. Ruthania turned her thoughts again to Jakasa as he continued his plunge downward through the atmosphere.
The shuttle monitor sensed Jakasa’ thought processes and immediately began responding to the mental commands in the riders mind. It activated the levitation field while at the same time moving the transporter forward in a great arching circular path so as to become parallel to the road coming into view.  The Visitor scanned the empty road in the early morning and saw what he was seeking, his gaze fixed on a car traveling on the road. “Visual has been made, approaching the subject – lights are turned on – now.” Ruthania would wait for his return as she whispered “God speed”.
We are Not Alone

Lucas had become aware of lights to his left. He could see clearly pulsating lights of red and blue hovering over the ocean 500 feet above the surface. It was keeping pace with him. Glancing from the road to the object it appeared to be a small wingless craft on a path of intersection with his road just ahead. Instinctively he began to slow down. The image of a flying snowmobile came to mind which he dismissed immediately yet this craft was extraordinary in its form and in its capacity to hover. As it approached the intersection he saw what might be the form of a person riding it with the lights on either side of the vessel. Crossing the road it was quickly blocked by the woods and hills. The Colonel pulled over lost in thought.

Several days passed. He had inquired at the military base for radar and satellite Intel. A report such as this could compromise his integrity in the intelligence community so he filed a vague report keeping it simple and in his desk. The recent security threats from the uprisings required him to let go of his encounter with the aircraft and focus on nuclear security.

Days later the weather became favorable for a night drive. Again he headed off for a rendezvous with the night skies.  Pulling into a parking space at the Scenic View rest stop he turned the engine off and scanned the majestic view of the ocean far below. His thoughts mingled with the endless stars in the night sky. Kaleen and he would come here and share their dreams absorbed at what God created.
From where he was standing he could hear the waves crashing on the rocks below as he took in the vast array of stars in all their glory. He suddenly gasped holding his breath in. Far out over the ocean the throbbing lights of blue and red were coming to him. They began separating revealing three crafts with no obvious form of propulsion. In a visual display of pulsating colors one craft veered left, the other to the right, the third rising upward. They intertwined with the brilliance of perfection weaving, looping in flawless formation. They rejoined and soon passed over him, and were gone.
For an hour he was stunned, in awe. No way was this by chance – they wanted him to take notice and he did. He turned to his car while looking again at the horizon. He stood still. He was not alone. At 3 AM someone else was gazing at the sky. There were no ledges on the other side of the stone wall - only a sheer 200 foot drop to the sea yet the stranger was out from the wall about 10 feet.

The wall was blocking his view of what possibly could be holding him up. He approached the man. He appeared to be a middle aged man wearing a poncho. Gazing in the direction of Lucas a gentle smile could be seen on his face. Oddly the stranger bowed slightly with his left hand pressed to his heart. Raising his hand the stranger pointed to his voice box before Lucas could say anything as if the stranger was unable to speak. He watched the visitor’s lips. The words formed slowly without sound while the man looked off to a section of the sky.

Lucas could sense that the words being spoken silently were actuality imprinted into his consciousness. “Colonel Lucas”, Lucas was startled, the man knew his name and rank. “Colonel, imagine that other beings also created are amongst the stars. Consider it.” Again he bowed with his left hand to his heart – but suddenly in surprise the stranger stared behind Lucas.  Lucas turned quickly but saw nothing. Turning back the stranger was gone.

In the past Lucas was a man of adventure. For the sake of discovery he went on expeditions where others feared to go. In the Continent of the Wild at the riverside he risked his life to save the village children when a man eater was on the hunt and about to strike – he used himself as bait. The explosion of the weapon sent the bullet into the eye of the monster killing it before it would take another child’s life. Now he was combining his love for his country with the adventure of military life, in particular now with the Intelligence Community.

Days followed with nothing happening. The report he wrote still stayed in the desk drawer. Knowing he could not keep this to himself he had to decide who he could share this with? He made his decision. Lieutenant Colonel Jennifer Richards was in his same division where she worked for years.  They were good friends – some would say close friends from the university days. Both loved Aeronautical Engineering and they loved their country. She was agnostic while he was strong in his faith. She never chose to marry, he did. He arrived at her home and opened the car door for her. They headed south coming at last to his favorite restaurant near the ocean.

The noise of the restaurant and the people gave him comfort. They ordered their meals. He began giving an account of his experiences just as it happened. Jenny watched Lucas slowly lifting his glass of Ardiri Merlot Wine. She thought of how he had explored the history of the winery and was fascinated how this wine was discovered by monks back in the 14th century in the Alesa region of Frankasia. He held the wine while studying its texture waiting for Jenny to give her thoughts to what he just shared. “Lucas” she spoke slowly, “you said that when you turned the man was gone and that you ran to the wall peering over - that it was a sheer cliff and no one was there.” “Jenny, absolutely no one was there, anywhere. I was stunned.” She looked at him over her meal. “Did you recognize the craft that they were riding?” He paused then spoke, “My mind could only think of the shape of a snow mobile but levitating without propulsion or wings.”
There was a long pause, “Lucas I want to go there, take me to where you saw it.”  Softly he replied, “Jenny, I was hoping you would say that.”  Picking up her glass of sherry she replied. “Let’s talk later about this, after our meal. I need to let it sink in.”

Their meal was enjoyed and together getting into the convertible with the top down they were heading on Ocean View Ave. Jenny was trying to make sense of what was shared. She disliked the topic of UFOs as if it was a waste of time and talent. But for Lucas to bring this to her attention was different. It meant that something of substance had happened and needed an answer. Her thoughts were interrupted. “We’re nearing the spot now, right after the bend in the road up ahead.” He began to slow down. “There, right there, that’s where I first saw it.” They pulled over to the side of the road.
He waited for a response from her but there was only silence. He turned to her - she was staring intensely at the night sky. She touched his arm. “Lucas – it’s there, I’m seeing it.”
The craft was coming closer. It slowed down becoming stationary. Both stared at it trying to distinguish its features. Clearly a person was on it with the pulsating lights reflecting off the pilot outlining a form.  Shutting off the car engine both jumped out running to the other side of the road holding on to the car railing overlooking the sea. The craft went dark. Standing there waiting nothing happened. Then into his mind came a thought with great intensity. “Jenny Into the car, I wonder if we drove to the scenic view.”  The tires spun as the car gathered speed. The lights from the craft turned on again pulsating keeping pace with them, then with a burst of speed the craft was gone. Lucas turned to Jenny and cried out, “Hang on” as he floored it.  

The place was deserted in the night hours as they pulled into the parking space at Scenic View. Jenny was the first to see him as they were getting out of the car. “There, by the wall - he’s looking in our direction. He’s wearing the poncho.” As before he was on the other side of the wall which prevented them seeing what was holding him up. Quickly they approached the wall. The stranger with raised hand gestured for them to stop. Making a profound bow he raised his left hand to his heart. Slowly he turned from Lucas and gazed at Jenny. He studied her face then turning to Lucas he raised his hand to his voice box and in silence he began to form words with his lips. In their minds they heard, “Imagine that we have traveled from afar. Imagine that we are already friends.”
Jakasa was waiting for their reaction. For centuries the voyagers prepared for this moment and now it was beginning. Looking at Jenny, than Lucas the visitor seemed to be moving further away from the wall over the sea. He nodded for them to come closer. Coming to the wall both could see clearly the craft that the stranger was resting on. It was similar to what they saw earlier. The man remained still with a sense of peace expressed on his face and then moving at great speed into the horizon he was gone.

The General’s Wife

With the proliferations of weapons of massive destruction their world was heading towards annihilation. General Brad Higgins assessed the recent developments. The Intel was clear, a security breach occurred with unmistakable signs that nuclear or biological materials had been sold perhaps stolen.  Recently he was getting reports of radar anomalies that appeared out of nowhere and disappearing – all in the same location. He wanted to share his concerns with a special friend, his wife. Catalina was brilliant, insightful and having top security clearance he was able to share some of his thoughts with her. They had been married for 30 years and his love for her had no boundaries. Tonight though she was not at home – she was with her friend Jennifer. 
Lucas and Jenny realized their next step would be critical. They had to appear credible with such incredible events unfolding. They waited a bit with nothing further happening. No lights, no strangers. Jenny knew she could share their experience with their friend Catalina the wife of General Brad Higgins. Friends called her Catty. Her doctoral studies were in genetics. On an over sea tour she and Jenny became close friends. It was Jenny who suggested speaking with Catalina. Agreeing Lucas realized that the Intel picked up from the radars could be a way of approaching the General’s wife. But how would she take it? For Jenny there were no doubts – she called.

Catty insisted on seeing the locations herself as soon as possible in the late hours with them. After several days the call came to Lucas from Jenny. “Lucas, she’s free tonight.” The Colonel drove picking up the other two. Arriving they waited. Disappointment began to creep over them. Having stopped at the first sighting and then at the scenic view they saw nothing accept the majestic night stars. They waited more until finally, “Guys he’s not coming, let’s go.”
We have been here

Continuing to visit the different locations three weeks passed with no encounters. Once again the three climbed into the car, Jenny was now driving and arriving they waited. Still behind the wheel Jenny looked at her watch, three hours had past. It was time to head back with a sadness felt by all. Turning on the ignition and she began turning the car around to head for home when Catty caught a faint light being reflected off the interior of the car.

Turning Catty looked out the back window - her eyes widened. She whispered “Wait”. Far out over the ocean the lights were coming. They jumped out of the car staring. Suddenly the lights began to separate revealing three clusters of vessels. Two clusters started arcing to the right and left and a third cluster rising upward. Catty’s heart was beating rapidly. All nine craft were choreographing a majestic dance of lights at great speeds. Converging suddenly they came in their direction. In their minds they could hear the words to get into the car and accelerate fast.

Jumping into the car she pressed the gas pedal to the floor as they scrambled for their seat belts while Jenny yelled to the others, “They’re telling us to go faster.” In a triangular formation three of the nine vessels over took them. Two were on either side of their car and one in front.  A sense of joy filled Jenny’s heart. As she turned to the craft on the driver’ side, he turned and smiled nodding his head and she nodded back. The lead pilot was a woman with flowing hair. To Jenny’s surprise the wind was only slightly moving the lead pilot’s hair as if some kind of shield was protecting it as the pilots sped through the air.
Suddenly with surprise Jenny realized she no longer had control over the car. Glancing downward she saw the road receding from them as their car was gently elevated into the air. The remaining six vessels were bursting in formations of light. With brilliant skill the pilots flew through trees with the branches bending out of the way as the crafts approached it while the pilots were performing impossible maneuvers and loops clearly to impresses them and to fill them with awe. Higher over the road they moved with far away cities coming into view in the night sky. Moving in land they began passing over woods and towns.

At some point Catty sensed they were now slowing down and they began to descend. Up a head a large meadow was coming into view. Gently all came to a standstill just above ground and then settling on the grass. Lucas inhaled deeply. Collecting himself he was seeing the same astonishment on Jenny and Catty’s faces, mystified by what was unfolding. The nine craft landed simultaneously with the pilots turning in their direction revealing a sense of joy on their faces bowing to the three with their left hand raised to their hearts as to welcome them.

As Catty, Lucas and Jenny got out of the car the pilots moved towards them. Every detail was being captured by Catty anticipating what Brad would be asking. As they were waiting for what would happen next the nine turned towards a man standing ahead of them in the field. Until now they had not seen him. Both Jenny and Lucas realized who it was with his poncho.  The ritual continued, the profound bow with left hand over the heart.

Catty instinctively bowed while raising her left hand to her heart. The stranger broke out with a smile beckoning her aside from the others. He raised his two hands towards her as if wanting Catty to put her hands in his - she did. In her mind she heard the words, “We have been here for several centuries Mrs. Higgins.”

There was a long pause as if he was giving her time to reflect on the implications. Again, “Catalina in our travels we discovered that all of us in the different galaxies share the same humanoid DNA. We are all part of the same family with the same essential beliefs and aspirations.”

Catty just listened to this amazing encounter. After a long pause the visitor continued, “Catalina … we are here because we were told to come to your planet and wait.” Catty restrained her impulse to question. He continued, “Soon we will intervene, to guide you, through this critical turning point in your history, in our history.”

He placed his finger on a cloth. She saw a red substance forming and soaking into the material. Giving it to Catty he continued, “Your specialty in genetics will help you understand. Take this to General Brad and tell your husband that encoded in the DNA is a message. 
Sensing Catty’ professional concern of the potential harm from foreign bacteria and contaminates the visitor immediately addressed her thoughts. “Catalina, for 100’s of years we have already been here. There are no biological dangers or negativity with our blood sample but still follow your standard precautions. We have prepared well for this encounter.”  He continued, “Soon another encounter will take place.”

A long pause followed. The others heard the conversation in their mind. They were speechless. “We are returning you to your road.” She nodded and started to ask a question but he raised his finger to his lips gently declining. He motioned them to the car. As the door was shut the car rose with the three escorts in the same formation as when they arrived. Jenny turned to the pilot on the left and again he nodded to her and she nodded back.  

The Return

They were moving swiftly over the trees and towns. The road was coming into view but the lead pilot turned to Jenny and formed the word “watch” with her lips” which the others heard. Descending prematurely and heading into the tree tops they could see far ahead the limbs being moved apart as if an energy field was separating them forming a path. Crossing the road they began to move just over the surface of the ocean. Lucas realized that the ocean was beginning to separate forming a valley. Into the ocean they went with water coming together on top of the force field giving an appearance of a liquid tunnel. Soon the entourage began to rise up out of the ocean with the water falling away.

They circled slowly heading back to the direction of land where they could see their road approaching as they began to descend. In her mind Jenny heard the command to press the gas pedal to allow the tire rotation to match their speed on the road. She seemed to know when it was as the car very gently settled onto the road heading in the direction of their homes. The Visitors veered off and were gone. Lucas turned to Catty but she shook her head – “I must consult with Brad.”

Back at the military command their radars had suddenly picked up the approaching cluster of vehicles and just as suddenly within seconds the radar went to normal with no anomalies. Following orders the report was immediately sent to General Brad Higgins.

He had listened carefully to Catty the day they sat together before the fire in their living room as she gave a verbatim of what Jenny first shared regarding Lucas and Jenny’ experience. Unknown to Jenny and Lucas from the beginning the General had agreed with Catalina to pursue this. He had absolute trust in her discernment and he knew his wife was not only proficient with the firearm she carried and the martial arts – she was truly an exceptionally capable person. Earlier in her life she was an operative in the field. They both had come from a long history of military families. Her mother distinguished herself for heroic bravery under enemy fire. Brad’s talent for leadership and as a brilliant strategist was becoming legendary which allowed his ascent in rank to accelerate. Focused, he knew how to size up the situation quickly and act. She had a determination to pursue this and he agreed. His military personal would be stationed near her and spread throughout the contact region.

Catty cell phoned Brad from Jenny’ car. Pulling into the driveway he was there waiting for them. They all came into the living room where four officers were waiting for debriefing. With great calmness she reported the events. The general shared what the radars picked up. Satellite imaging had focused on their sector but saw a momentary signature then nothing, the military personal placed at strategic locations on the road saw nothing. Lucas thought out loud, perhaps the Visitors had the capacity to not only infuse words into their minds but also shield others from seeing what was happening. The voice recorder that Catalina activated at the approaching vessels did not register any sound. Jenny felt relieved that Catty had the physical evidence – the blood stain. She had placed it into a protective wrapping that she took from her genetic sampling kit that she kept in the car for recovery at the work sites. Carefully Catty handed the sample of blood to her husband. He reached for the phone.
The Chapel

The General was not a religious man but he had strong faith. Perhaps putting his life on the line to protect others opened his mind and heart to look more intently at the brilliance of life and its cruelty. He had driven to one of the chapels where he enjoyed the solitude. Opening the chapel door he sat in the back row. Here he could rest his mind, clear his thoughts.

He was personally heading the discovery team. They had examined the blood and it was consistent with everyone else’ blood. This message in the DNA was elusive - if it existed. 6 billion DNA data bases was a formidable number. Patience and insight was required. They began different avenues of approach. The arrangement of the DNA clusters could possibly link people in the data system. The words “We are already friends” captured his mind along with the “assistance” they were to give at this “critical time”. Surely it was the threat of global destruction that was referred to as the critical time.  He was pondering why they were approaching the encounters this way? His next step was not coming into view. He had to make contact with them but how. They had tried visiting the spots as a group and alone - nothing.
He glanced up. To the front and off to the left was a monk praying who was here when he had walked in.  Brad had wished that no one would be here but he had decided to stay and sit quietly. Suddenly it dawned on him that the monk was wearing a poncho. He became alert. The monk was watching him and began to rise from the pew turning towards the General. Now the monk slowly bowed and raised his left hand to his heart.

Exteriorly Brad showed no emotion but internally his senses were vigilant. He stood and started approaching the monk who was now pointing to his voice box and began to form words. The General noticed that as the lips were forming the words he could already sense them in his mind. “General Higgins, I am Jakasa.” Brad was in total wonder as the visitor began revealing the story of their arrival. For two centuries the Visitors had been waiting. They were able to explore ways of learning about the peoples from different worlds. And now it was time. The monk moved toward the General who was approaching him and he stretched out his hand. The General grasped Jakasa’ hand with strength. Again the monk spoke. The General nodded and returned to his car heading home as fast as he could drive.
Mission of Peace

Pulling into his driveway the General saw the cars. He recognized Jenny and Lucas’ vehicles. He opened the front door stepping into the hallway and put his coat away. Entering the living room he immediately saw his wife with the others waiting for him.  
She looked into his eyes then pointed to the other end of the living room.  He then noticed three strangers. They bowed and raised their left hands to their heart. What followed next startled him. In unison they stretched out their hands and in the air with their fingertips they began tracing an imaginary line which lit up. It formed a large transparent 3 dimensional screen with a holographic image forming, rapidly filling up the living room. Lucas could put his hand through the image without disrupting it.
A galaxy was forming in the living room about 15 feet wide. While all remained there in the living room they had a sense of being propelled with great speed into the image. Soon other galaxies began to appear as white puffs of light growing in size. They were being shown a journey across the universe. Massive clusters of hundreds of millions of galaxies came into view and out again as the voyage continued all the while with them standing in the living room. As the adventure continued the General realized that they were arriving at their destination.

One galaxy among the many was becoming the center point as it began to fill the room. They moved towards the arms of two branches of the galaxy as they saw a star cluster coming into view, then one solar system filled their room. Lucas looked at Jenny and the others. They were now passing planets.  The voyagers brought into view one planet that began to grow in size. Lucas had the sensation of wind blowing against his face. The planet was partially covered with clouds. A woman spoke. Jenny and Lucas recognized her as the one leading the three crafts which guided them to the meadow. Ruthania gestured towards the planet which was bathed in blue. “It is from this planet that we come from. We have a name for it, we call it Earth.”
Ruthania began to explain. “Early in the formation of our universe the Creator in His Wisdom gave our first parents of all of us the test. They were expelled from this place of happiness but were given hope. As we grew in number the Creator scattered some of us over the heavens – the galaxies, the planets. Advancing we began to communicate with other star systems. We discovered to our amazement that we are genetically identical with the similar belief systems and that we all came from Earth. We are missionaries of peace. But peace cannot be attained unless there is justice. And you are at the point of decision.

She continued explaining what Jakasa had shared with the general that for over 2 centuries they arrived scanning the planet from deep space in secret. Great care was required. The peoples would not be able to accept what was happening. Surveying the lands they planted devices to learn the culture of the peoples, customs and languages. “We had already protected the peoples and ourselves from potential immunity compromises. The languages were learned from all parts of the world. As the time was approaching we made brief excursions into the societies we discovered, learning of their world of science, medicine, communications and values. Soon the time for disclosure and intervention was at hand for this planet.  Into the hours they talked, thus that evening marked the beginning of the great preparation.
The Intervention

Over one year passed. The Visitors began to reveal themselves. Ruthania and Jakasa and their team worked with General Brad, Catalina, Lucas, Jennifer and the international communities preparing for the final phase. A meeting was set for the day of the intervention at the International House of World Leaders. The world was in great anticipation.

When the day arrived in the twilight hours of early morning in the sky a form began to reveal itself over this Building Of Peace. The energy shield surrounding the Mother Ship was decreasing in intensity thus revealing slowly its presence hovering above the great building for the world leaders. Finally the energy shield was permanently disabled.  At the appointed time the team from the Mother Ship left their giant vessel and with their space shuttle crafts descended in front of the Center resting on the ground. 

People were already waiting for their arrival and escorted everyone into the grand convocation hall. Thousands of leaders sat as all the Visitors from the far galaxy were on the raised area with General Brad, Jakasa, Ruthania and others. For a length of time the General gave a summary of the events leading up to this moment. Turning to the Visitors Jakasa clothed in his mantle was introduced who in turn presented the Visitors from earth. He repeated what Lucas, Jenny and Catty had heard before. Jakasa then turned to Ruthania who stepped forward and simply said “The time for the intervention has come.” 


There was great silence in the hall with many sitting mouth slightly ajar amazed and leaning forward in their seats. Together Jakasa and Ruthania went over to table that was center staged. Prominently displayed on the table was a small chest. All the eyes of the leaders were fixed on the object. Around the world the people watched on screens.

Ruthania stretched out her hands opening the box. People saw her lifting a wrapped object out of the chest as she handed it to Jakasa who in turn gave it to General Brad. The General turned to the microphone and paused. His mind went over the past events and how they managed to discover the message. He began to speak. “We were able to discover the message in the DNA code. It was not linear on the gene as if written on a paper in a straight line. No - rather, as the DNA is coiled over and over in the cell nucleus because of its length we discovered that we were looking in the wrong place. So we turned to the bundle of coils and there on the surface of the final coiling we found it.

Imagine a rope being wrapped around a tree limb and as your looking down upon it you notice on the surface wordings as if written across all the windings in a preset straight line. This linear line of molecules was recognized as an alphabet of a specific length. When it was translated into our universal language it reads the following.


“In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth” The General continued, “My wife Catalina witnessed this DNA sample taken from Jakasa and immediately given to her. It is clear beyond all doubt that this message is in Jakasa’ DNA and that he and his companions came from another galaxy, from their planet Earth. But we’ve made another discovery.” The General slowly scanned the room looking at all of them. “We’ve discovered that all of us here in this room likewise have this identical message in our DNA. This code is in all of us – we are all one family, all brothers and sisters created by God.  This intervention for universal peace was not initiated by Jakasa and his companions but rather from the Creator and it is here in my hands.

The General unwrapped the cloth revealing a book. He raised it up in front of the cameras. Across all the screens around the world appeared on the cover of the book the words

“The Holy Bible”.

Post Script:

The DNA is an amazing message of God’s presence and might. The Word of God is life and peace for who live this message of love from the Eternal God who is our heavenly Father.

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