The Franciscans
of Our Lady
Of the Holy Family

Franciscans of Our Lady
of the Holy Family

Constitutions of the Franciscans of Our Lady of The Holy Family # 2.7

"We will go out to the highways and byways if needed,
so as to respond​ to the materially and spiritually poor." 
Our Unique Charism

Here is a quick summary that captures part of our unique charism

Our 4th vow of total consecration to Mary.

            o   Saint Louis De  Montfort had the concept of being a slave to Mary

            o   Saint Maximilian Kolbe developed it. A slave obeys not necessarily of out of love while a knight of Mary obeys out of love and honor.

            o   Our 4th vow of total consecration originates out of the Gospel of John where at the foot of the Cross the Greek states that John took Mary into his “own” and not just home. Thus our unique charism is a combination of De Montfort and Kolbe’s consecration as well as the Benedictine vow of perfection of ways. Mary is continually a part of our life, our own, thus throughout the day we draw her into our daily offering to God with her spirituality of fiat, and perfection. We believe that this 4th vow is truly a new charism as Franciscans.

     ·         The concept of the Family of Nazareth where we live a life of simplicity, such as homemade furniture, sewing our own habits, but at the same time we believe that what the Holy Father has stated about the use of communications to bring the Gospel message to the world is important. Thus we have an active apostolate not only working and living with the materially poor but reaching out to the spiritually poor by programs we develop on the internet, retreats, parish missions and others.

     ·          Of seeing the poor as our family thus we develop the Saint Joseph room where the Lord asks us not only to feed the hungry but specifically calling us to dine with them because they are our family.

     ·          We are a Franciscan Community that is not only apostolic but very much contemplative as seen by our horarium. Throughout the year we spend time at hermitages or monasteries.